The ItalianApartments project

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The ItalianApartments project



"The house of your dreams"

We are a team composed by boys and girls in Milan who share a passion for Travel.

Here we are:

  • Davide: "Do or do not, there is no try", he does not stop a minute, takes care of maintaining contacts with the owners of the apartments and is always ready to solve every situation, of course, between a check-in and the other !
  • Alessandra: she care about check-in and check-out, marketing and advertising. Engaging smile, kindness and sympathy: symbols of hospitality of ItalianApartments
  • Alessandro: he cares about  check-in and check-out and logistics, positive and solar spirit always gives the right advice for every request!

Our wide passion in organizing trips for us and our friends joined us in a project with great opportunity: we would like to share with travelers like us, our skills and our total disposability to better plan their stays.

But holiday always means freedom : freedom to take your time.

For this reason in 2011 in Milan we have created a network formed by rentable apartments for short periods: we love travel, but without timetables imposed, without the coldness of the hotel rooms and with lower costs: because first of all for us travel means quality, comfort and attention to details.

Our guests come from all over the world : Brazil, Mexico, France Spain, United States, Germany, Australia, China and Russia !

Our way to be host is the essence of our being different from the others : our visitors know that we are here for them for the whole duration of their stay, we offer tailor made solutions.

Not only the apartment for rent, but also services and advice : from booking tickets for events and discounts at restaurants and bar near our accommodation, through the planning for the transfer to and from airports.

We provide our guests to find the way to feel a part of the city.

Focused mainly on the large metropolis of Milan, we are laying the foundations to achieve an organization branched throughout all Italy. 

We are passionate and we do not  love the impersonal and cold welcome that reigns in most hotels.Welcome means "to feel at home", be there, advise and do everything possible to leave that little bit extra that turn a stay in a sweet memory!