Tourist Tax

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Tourist Tax

Tourist tax for the city of Milan:

The tourist tax, introduced by the City Council with Resolution n. 19 of June 11th, 2012, applies to all non-city residents staying at hotels and at all other accommodation facilities within Milan.

Revenues from the tourist tax will finance actions for the preservation of the city’s artistic heritage and for the improvement of services for all tourists.

The tax is in force from September 1st, 2012 and applies to each visitor with fixed rates ranging from €. 2,00 to €. 5,00 for each night of stay in accordance with the type, class and number of stars of the accommodation facility.

For all non-Hotel accommodation facilities  the tax is € 2,00 per night per person.



The tax is not due by the following:

  1. persons under 18 years of age
  2. persons under 30 years of age staying at Youth Hostels with acknowledged social, educational and cultural finalities
  3. family members and/or companions, during hospitalizations within the Milan Province. Exemptions will be granted upon presentation of a self-certified declaration that the stay is motivated by the need to assist the hospitalized person
  4. persons who have been hospitalized and continue therapy in medical facilities within the Milan Province, and their helpers
  5. persons staying at Residences, "Holiday Homes" run by non-profit organizations, Houses and Apartments for holidays for each night exceeding the 14th of their stay
  6. Police and Armed Forces servicemen on duty
  7. university students under 26 staying at University boarding houses, student halls or RTAs.
  8. disabled persons and their helpers.



Payments are due to the management of the hotel or other accommodation facility against issue of an individual receipt stating the amount paid or, alternatively, by the indication of the same paid sum on the invoice.

Receipts should be kept for 6 years.